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Climate control

Central Air Conditioning

Experience ultimate comfort with our central air conditioning system. Enjoy a cool oasis in every corner of your home, thanks to the power of our state-of-the-art system that will transform the heat into pure freshness with just the touch of a button. Let yourself be seduced by a refreshing breeze.

Climatizacion. Aire acondicionado central
  • This system utilizes a centralized system of indoor and outdoor units to cool the air and distribute it through ducts throughout the house.

  • Advantages: It provides uniform cooling throughout the house and can be energy-efficient.

Split or mini-split

Discover the elegance and versatility of our split air conditioning system. With stylish indoor units that seamlessly blend into your décor, this system provides personalized coolness, turning your home into a sanctuary of comfort and style. Stay cool and comfortable all day.

  • It consists of indoor units mounted on the wall or ceiling and an outdoor unit. It can be used for specific areas.

  • Advantages: Greater flexibility compared to the central system. It is easier to install in homes that do not have ducts.

Climatizacion. Split

Ceiling Fans

Elevate your comfort experience with our exclusively designed ceiling fans. More than just a simple appliance, it's a functional work of art that adds a touch of freshness and elegance to any room, while enveloping you in a gentle and revitalizing breeze. Keep the freshness in your dreams and goals.

Climatizacion. Ventiladores techo
  • They do not cool the air but improve its circulation, creating a sensation of freshness. They can have heating functions in winter.

  • Advantages: They consume less energy than air conditioners and can complement other systems.

Radiant Heating

Experience the luxury of invisible warmth with our radiant heating system. Feel the sensation of walking on always-warm floors, creating a cozy and comfortable atmosphere. A touch of opulence that will transform your home into a sanctuary of comfort and well-being.

  • It can be electric or hot water-based and is installed under the floor. It heats the space from the bottom up.

  • Advantages: It provides uniform heat and is energy-efficient.

Climatizacion. Calefaccion radiante

Satisfaction guaranteed

At Ana Rodríguez, your comfort is our priority. We offer you the absolute peace of mind of a quality air conditioning system backed by an unwavering commitment. Your comfort is our guarantee!

Remember to take advantage of renewable energy sources with our air conditioning systems.

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