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Outdoor lighting

Functional Lighting

Iluminacion Exterior. Lamparas colgantes

Hanging Outdoor Lamps

Perfect for porches and terraces.

Welcome your home with our lamps, they not only provide additional light, but also add a touch of warmth to your entrance.

Iluminacion Exterior. Lamparas de pared

Exterior Wall Lamps

They provide additional light around doors and entrances.

Pathway Lighting

Iluminacion Exterior. Luminarias de suelo

Ground Luminaires

They guide along paths and trails.

Illuminate the path to your dreams with our products, elegant guides that highlight your pathways and create a unique entrance experience.

Iluminacion Exterior. Balizas solares

Solar Beacons

Energy-efficient for illuminating specific areas.

Pool Lighting and Sensors

Iluminacion Exterior. Focos sumergibles

Submersible Spotlights

They illuminate pools and ponds.

Immerse yourself in a light show, transforming your pool into an oasis of colors and brightness for your most relaxing nights.

Iluminacion Exterior. Focos sensor movimiento

Motion Sensor Spotlights

Motion-activated to illuminate areas when needed.

Accent Lighting

Iluminacion Exterior. Focos jardin

Garden Spotlights

They highlight landscape features.

Transform your garden into a nocturnal oasis, highlighting the natural beauty around you and creating a magical outdoor atmosphere.

Iluminacion Exterior. Luces de cuerda

String Lights

Ideal for creating festive atmospheres.

Guaranteed Satisfaction

Remember to consider energy efficiency and color temperature when choosing your lighting. LED bulbs are a popular choice due to their efficiency and durability. Additionally, smart technologies, such as app-controlled lights, can also offer flexibility and convenience.

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